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General Sales & Warehouse

We are simply looking for good-quality & sharp individuals.

Job Description
General sales, helping customers, loading customers, unloading trucks. This is not a sales job tied to your income or performance. We simply want friendly and smiling faces that generally like to interact with other people. We occasionally unload trucks and this does require lifting and strenuous work from time-to-time. We also have tile sales in our warehouse and require some daily lifting of boxes weighing 40-60lbs. We generally use a forklift on large quantities.

We print website orders, find stock, and ship orders ground or freight. Some basic handyman construction background would be helpful as well as basic computer skills. An easy job for a full/part time college position.

Some basic tasks include taking out trash, light sweeping, some yard mowing, and general cleaning. Also includes running simple errands to office supply stores or other.

Job Times:
The times are not set in stone, but we are looking for either morning or afternoon employees or full day employees. If you have a habit of coming to work and asking off early or you have a drama-filled life, find another job.

9am to 1pm
1pm to 6pm

Every other Saturday or two Saturdays a month minimum. Every Saturday is fine.
9am to 6pm

15-30 hours per week. We could handle a full-time job if your times work.

Please send resume or complete the pdf form here and email. Do not visit the warehouse without completing the form first. A fully worked resume or cover letter is not required. We just need your information via email to email to [email protected].

Please list any days you could not work for evaluation. Also, if you do other work, tutoring, etc, please explain.

Pay is $10.25 an hour.

Looking for accounting major for administrative assistance. Part-time to Full-time.On Manchester Street, near campus. We are an import business with sales online.

Prefer 2nd year+ accounting major or accounting graduate

Job Description
We are looking for someone that can help in the office. This includes making decisions and seeing that the tasks/shipments are shipped.

Teak Closeouts does 90% of their business online and 10% is sold locally at the store.

Orders will arrive via the website. You are responsible for the backend logistics of the operation. Paying the bills, reviewing the shipping, and helping to assist in the shipping analysis.

The job also involves defusing any problems that occur. This includes filing damage reports with fedex, scheduling pick-ups, and resolving anything that can occur with shipping.

We get a few local customers from time-to-time and store sales.

In some cases, you may be asked to assist in helping prepare an order, locate inventory, or just help when needed.

Job duties:
  1. paying bills. If billing errors, you must correct and fix before paying.
    1. reviewing bills for correct charges. This involves referencing shipping documents.
  2. watching and reviewing orders via the website.
    1. preparing shipping documents.
    2. analyze freight shipping quotes for cheapest route.
  3. general administrative help.
    1. this is the broad catch-all, do anything help, fedex runner, etc

This also includes assistance in organizing the expense categories for our taxes going to Dean, Dorton, Ford.
Things have grown rather fast the past several years and we need someone to provide basic assistance in the office and organize bills. We would also like to move to an online accounting system where the bills are organized monthly versus our current method of yearly.

I am really looking for an all-in helper.....but I need someone with a solid background in accounting methods and organizing as the job is primarily accounting. I could use a full-time graduate or a student. I am willing to listen to any qualified applicant.

I have an executive assistant in my Indonesian office. It is time I have someone that can work with me in our new warehouse off Manchester Street. I need someone cool and easy to get along with, drama-free, and dedicated.

I have several other projects in the works. I am really looking for a senior/grad student that can grow into the job. Once I get all the businesses up and running, I can afford to pay more. I just need someone that can handle me, bring passion and quality to their work, and never stop learning. There is an international aspect to this. Of course, I have the Indonesian factory with 25 employees for the teak company. We do various importing from other countries and travel around Southeast Asia. I also have ideas on a fast food chain in Indonesia/Singapore in the next 2-3 years - master franchise with 50-60 stores.

This is a job where you work directly with the owner. No politics. In addition, this warehouse/job is not convenient for sudden problems, drama, or time-off. If your life is full of unexpected twists, we suggest another job.

Job Times:
The warehouse is open 9am-6pm Monday-Saturday. I can be flexible on the time depending on the time of year.

Job Pay:
$10+ an hour starting. Increases will be according to quality of work and level of commitment.
Graduate/Past Experience $12-$15+ an hour. We will listen to your salary request based on degree/experience.
Please send resume or description of work experience (if student). Obviously, we don't need a fully worked resume or cover letter. Submit your information via email to [email protected]

Please list any days you could not work for evaluation. Also, if you do other work, tutoring, etc, please explain.