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April 16th, 2024

Our inventory this year is a little less than in previous years. We own our building and we've been planning on roofing the 120,000sqft for some time. This year is the big year. It's a massive $2 million project and we're tired of "hating the rain". Our customers often comment on how neat the building looks and it is a unique former tobacco storage warehouse. It has beautiful Carnegie stamped pillars and rafters. And the roof has exposed 6" decking boards. The floor is concrete. Most former tobacco warehouses were wood floors and wood beams. When Liggett & Myers build this in 1930 they spared no expense. We are also in the Lexington Distillery District and over the next 10-years, we will see some exciting things as this building starts its transformation.


January 9th, 2023

The good news is container prices are down. This should have an overall positive impact to our economy as the lower prices move through the system. We stored most of our 2022 inventory in Indonesia, unable to accept the crazy container prices. We should have a fair amount of inventory in 2023. We're still having some issues on shipping, but most of the inventory should arrive by April & May.

We still have to restrict West Coast shipping to freight only. We understand the frustration, as this prohibits small orders, but the ground network is too rough on long journeys, In plain-speak, this means we ship it and it is damaged in transit and you blame us.

We will have more table set combos this year. We also have more of the Eden tables available as table-only sales arriving.

And last, we have the 7' horse head leaving Kentucky and heading down south!


June 23rd, 2022

Due to the soaring cost of freight and fuel surcharges, we must adjust our all-in delivery model. About 80% of the population will not be affected by this change. The east coast and mid-east will not be changed. Our deep losses are occurring in WA and CA. There are also pockets of surcharges now by carriers. This is a new fee and at some point we might pass this $45-150 surcharge on to the customer. Currently, we are trying to avoid using carriers with peak season fees, since this will be like a fuel surcharge (it never goes away). You can view the map showing surcharges here. The surcharge for pallet size is still in effect and an example of the first surcharge started in 2020. We suspect this is not the end of surcharges as "the suits" will think of the next surcharge for 2023.

Please realize we do not sell products with free shipping added in the cost of the product. Our products are offered at a reasonable rate and the price you pay if you walked in the door. We currently take a shipping loss on 100% of every freight order. Some of your product price goes to absorb this loss, but this was never the intention. We've had to cancel a few orders to angry customers this year due to shipping & product cost exceeding the price paid. We are simply not shipping an item for free. This is the first time in 15 years we've had to do that.

It's a complicated time. Inflation is raging and everyone wants more. If there is a better deal offered by your local store, we urge you to support their business.

March 7th, 2022

Due to container costs increasing from $6,000 to $25,000, we have decided to selectively ship certain product in 2022. We hoped container prices would decrease after the holidays, but the container lines held rates firm. Our new limited inventory will start arriving April through May.

On another note, it is sad to see some of the new teak websites lying about their product grade and quality. We understand it is hard to maintain low prices, but by spraying the wood to look darker and calling it A-grade is a blatant lie.

Upcoming Christmas 2021 and an outlook for 2022

October 2, 2021
Forty-foot shipping containers from $5000 to $20,000-30,000.

Expect 2022 outdoor furniture to be up 10-20% if this continues. The system is a mess and rates are predicted to stay high in 2022. Fedex announces biggest shipping increase ever - although this matters less since they generate most of their new revenue from surcharges now. Dollar Tree says they cannot stay $1 and will increase their products to varying dollar amounts. Staples shelves look empty of low-value office items, like, staplers!

Our business model has always been in search of excess closeouts, but when shipping increases 200-400%, this rate is shared by all importers. Our landed costs will be substantially higher in 2022 and prices will be marked accordingly. You can price compare other teak companies, but everyone is in the same "boat".

Veinot No1 13ft Table & 12 Manchester Chairs

June 14, 2021

A customer from early June 2021 sent us this photo of the Veinot table + 12 chairs. This table is 400cm/157" or 13'. We will only receive the 13' and 15' versions of this table periodically, but we do have the 87" to 102" versions in-stock. The smaller versions seat 8-12 comfortably. You can get more chairs around a table using dining or folding chairs. Yet, nothing beats pairing this true 5-star table with the 5-star Manchester chairs. Pair 2-3 tables to create an amazing infinity table.


April 1st, 2021

Like every business owner, there comes a point that the status quo is disrupted, and difficult decisions must be made. Sometimes, this disruption can take decades and sometimes only a few years. Although we’ve seen the change coming for about 7 years, the changes in 2020 pushed the decision over the top.

To some, the change is positive or negligible, but for the many small orders we’ve subsidized shipping, the change is here. The reality is ground shipping (called small parcel) has increased dramatically over the last 5 years. If you haven’t visited your local UPS/Fedex center to ship a box lately, then you really don’t understand. Shipping rates for boxes have increased significantly.

The smart thing to do is increase prices and hide the shipping inside. The psychological effect of a single net price is smart and is the way “we all like to shop”. Yet, we get a lot of orders with 4-8 pieces and if every order had “shipping” included, it would cheat the customer.

The new changes involve a flat-fee delivery based on east or west coast. We’ve cut the USA in half and provided a very low $199/$249 freight rate. For some with large orders, this is a big savings. For small west coast orders, this isn’t going to be your day.

This new system is FAIR AND RIGHT. We are still subsidizing your shipping, but at a lower percentage. If your flat-rate shipping cost $199, and it cost us $250, and you spend $1000, we can absorb that difference easier. Before, we could have you pay $69 on a shipment to CA that cost $130 for a $300 item. There are some surcharges and optional services like liftgate in the new system.

We are sorry to our loyal west coast customers who placed small orders over the last decade. The new fees charged by Fedex for ground parcel shipping is just too much. Basically, the item in the box is not worth the long delivery haul. Luckily, you have a west coast neighbor that started FREE SHIPPING called Amazon. They probably have a warehouse near you. To read more information on shipping, please click here.

January 21th, 2021

Our 2021 inventory started shipping and new stock will arrive in early March. Due to the increased shipping costs in small parcel, aka ground UPS/Fedex, we are adjusting rates and shifting to more sets and freight orders. Our site was started with the principle to save you money by offering a quality product at a discounted price. More information on 2021 will post shortly.

As many of you know, inventory was tight in 2020 for all categories of home products. Appliances, lumber, and home goods saw substantial increases and delayed delivery times. This is continuing into 2021. Shipping rates on containers are up 50% 100% and a recent WSJ article said 48 container vessels were sitting outside Long Beach awaiting port unloading. They didn't have the labor force to unload. You can expect price increases to continue as well as delayed delivery well into 2021. Be cautious of anything not in-stock and expecting a delivery date. Good luck on your hunt for products in 2021.


March 19th, 2020

We're here and shipping. Kentucky has shut down all bars, restaurants, salons, and movie theaters. We're still allowed to operate and we are shipping daily. As an entrepreneur for 30 years, nothing is more powerful than change - sometimes we see it, sometimes we ignore it, and sometimes it is a force beyond our control.

Our company diversified several years ago and its allowed us some flexibility and relief with multiple sales channels.

The spring inventory is here and some containers will arrive within 30-60 days. We are slimmer in 2020 than previous years, but we've been adjusting our products to the new reality of ground shipping started back in 2015 by Fedex/UPS. Their attack on large boxes and hidden fees is probably the biggest virus we've encountered in our business. You'll see more sets and many things we shipped in the past are now not economically feasible due to ground rate increases.

We know everyone loves Amazon, but their search algorithm is horrible when you try and search for teak furniture. And at this point, who are you buying it from? Is it teak? Amazon is an online wild west store - much like ordering from Alibaba. Amazon started courting direct Chinese sellers several years ago. They removed the USA middleman who could be held accountable for their sold product and inserted a untouchable company to sell you a product. At the same time, Amazon says don't blame us, we are just the marketplace. We've never sold on Amazon and it's not our fight.

Any direct teak website is a small business. If you don't find what you need from our website, we encourage you to buy direct from the other teak internet companies who stand behind their product and vet their products sold. Our website has always served a more 3-4 star teak level and we compete more with Amazon than the premium teak sold by Teak Warehouse or Country Casual. But make no mistake, we do receive some premium teak items when available and we clearly identity the item in the description. And remember, we fully assemble every product sold on our website before disassembly. Our niche has always been closeouts. We look for a deal and analyze the potential in profit. Lately, our prices might be less of a discount due to shipping but we stand behind all products sold and guarantee our products are not sourced from the wild west. In final, all products sold were purchased by our company, shipped to our warehouse in Indonesia, QC'ed, assembled, QC'ed, packed, labeled, boxed and shipped to USA. In the USA, it arrives in our KY distribution warehouse and stored awaiting shipping to you. We control and handle 100% of our products sold.


September 9th, 2019

We're not really shipping these and they don't appear on the website, but we have some interesting new root items. Teak root benches at $399 and $499. Sold on other websites and stores at $800-$1500. For a truly unique and organic backyard design, the root benches always pique interest. The stores getting thinned out as the season in KY comes to a close.


January 20th, 2019

We hired a new warehouse manager and he demands his title be changed to King. We can't get him out of the chair and we might be forced to stop the girls feeding him grapes.

Full teak root throne package $10,000.


Kentucky Sports Bar

August 29, 2018

Teak Closeouts is proud to sell the patio at 1030 S Broadway #1, Lexington, KY 40504 to the new Kentucky-themed sports bar opening this week. The weather is miserable right now with a horrible heat index, but cooler weather is on the way. A big thanks to Matt Jones and crew on their crazy success and hard work.

Many thanks are due to the 100s of small businesses and hotels we've supplied from NY to CA - Times Square, Montauk, Savannah, Bainbridge Island, and all 48 continental states.


March 22nd, 2018

Here are two very unique large mutt benches. The largest pieces we've ever run across and the most impressive. Simple, yet, powerful proportions will make a statement in your yard or patio.

The two benches are a little over 96". They are shipping now from Indonesia. The price is $2299 each and ship fully assembled at $199.

We also have a few standard Mutt benches arriving in the 60-80" range with normal thick proportions as seen on our site.

If you're interested in one of the large mutt benches featured in the picture here, sign up on the waiting list. As soon as they hit inventory, you will get an email notice - then first come first served - or basically whomever buys them first.


October 2nd, 2017

On January 30th, 2016, the Bluegrass Stockyards burnt to the ground. It was a horrific fire and could be seen as far as 60-miles away. The flipside is they built a new state-of-the-art facility on the edge of Fayette County.

This cow was custom-made for their new home. Although many people have tried to milk this cow, she's as dry as the wood. The same artist that produced our horses also produced this beautiful cow.

We also made the Big Ass Fan donkey about the same time. This sits in their lobby.

All custom projects start at $2500 regardless of size. The cow is $6500 and horses $2900. It's not something we necessarily sell on a regular basis, but if the project interests the artist and us, then it's a possible project.



August 14th, 2017
Based in Lexington, Kentucky, it is common to get local horse farm sales. But this weekend we were visited by Godolphin.

These benches are destined to be painted in Godolphin's signature blue color, much like Keeneland painted their Lutyen benches in hunter green. Although our primary sales are website based, we welcome local customers.


April 26th, 2017
Although not sold on our website due to the shipping difficulties of its size and weight, we sometimes have odd and peculiar items in our warehouse/store. One of these items is a 60" teak root ball. We've seen them online before at $2500 and we sold this ball in our store at $979. It's going to A Garden Affair this weekend and then to a prominent horse farm in Kentucky after the event. We also had other smaller sizes that cascaded down in size - which are all sold.

Our Lexington warehouse/store sells off-quality teak items, one-off, and just interesting items we want to purchase throughout our travels. The teak root ball was more of a decoration and interesting item for the store.


April 21st, 2017
Across the street from our warehouse is the new Goodfella's Pizzeria in Lexington, KY. The owner's of the new restaurant chose the Roberto teak bench for its slightly thicker proportions and mortise and tenon construction.

We are excited to see our new neighbor's success and the success of the many new bars & restaurants in the vicinity.


April 4th, 2017
Yesterday, we were passing by the John Hunt Morgan House in Lexington, KY and spotted a 54" Lutyens bench we sold 2-years ago. As with all real teak furniture, regardless of grade, the color in aging is rather consistent.

Over the years, we've sold thousands of benches. The Lutyens bench remains one of our most popular bench styles. Some years we can't keep them in-stock and we are also one of the only teak sites selling the British Gardens commercial heavy-duty version.


March 1st, 2017
Probably one of our best teak table selections in years.
In addition, in late spring/early summer, we will have a nice assortment of deep seating chairs/sofas.


September 1st, 2016
We will post some new informational videos highlighting the longevity of teak and cleaning it soon.
If you are looking for unique and interesting tables, this one-off buy is worth exploring.


March 4th, 2016
The starting inventory for spring 2016 is arriving now. It was technically a mild winter across the states, but spring always brings renewed optimism, energy, and spirit.

For 2016, we didn't go crazy and hunt $7900 teak beds or $10,000 teak thrones - we stayed close to the basics and sought tried and true inventory.

As always, we seek unique and positive designs that are not stale, old, or dated. Our company was founded on the basic principles of fair quality teak at a discounted price. We hunt bargains and we make sure the quality is solid. We assemble every item in our boxes and we personally QC each item before it ships to the states. We are not a random importer that relies on an exporter's word.

Below are some photos of the new mutt benches shipping in a few days. They will arrive in mid-late April. The new sizes are from 48" to 83" and fit the more common spaces of 48",60", and 72". They are masterfully-crafted to use aspects of their previous life in the design. Each bench was personally picked one-by-one by our owner.

Photo of our warehouse in Indonesia with teak "mutt" benches ready for packing

BREEDER'S CUP (October 2015)

January 29th, 2016
Our friends at South Hill Gallery on Versailles Road in Lexington, KY, set-up this display in anticipation of the Breeder's Cup and American Pharoah's last race. It was an exciting time for Lexington and American Pharoah didn't disappoint his fans. We salute The triple crown winner American Pharoah!

The photos are recent and show the horses slowly turning to grey. It seems we all turn to grey as we get older? Teak is no different.....

Mike and his crew made a mural in the background and installed a horse fence. At Christmas he had wreaths with lights around the horses and the display looked great. I am sorry I missed the photos in December.

Anyway, we have a great year product is shipping. We ran out of a lot of popular products in 2015. But our focus for 2016 is back to basics......we didn't search for the unique this year. We decided it was time to get back to basics...

March 10th, 2015
In January 2013, we purchased the old Liggett & Myers Warehouse in the Lexington Distillery District. It is a beautiful building with much character from the 1930s. We are occupying 60,000 sqft of its 120,000 sqft.

In 2014, we gradually moved our inventory to the new location and prepped the space with about 10,000 sqft for local sales. And now in 2015, we will open the retail warehouse for local or visiting customers. Our store inventory are items we didn't approve to be sent via website sales - and thus carry a lower price. There is also damaged products for the handyman and various one-off items we decided not to list on the internet. Of course, anyone can also purchase our website inventory. We offer free assembly on local sales. You simply buy your products and give us 24-48 hours. We don't deliver. Also, local sales are subject to 6% KY sales tax.

We are all very excited about our new location and we look forward to serving our Kentucky community.


April 14th, 2014
First, we are located in Lexington, Kentucky. We bleed blue, love horses, and root for the Wildcats. After a long and exhausting search for a real horse artist, we finally have some beautiful lifesize teak horses arriving in July. We will issue the press release with full details within 30-45 days, but you can take a quick glance with the link above.

We also have some unique "thrones". A bit odd, but nonetheless impressive. If you have a ruler complex, we definitely have the throne for you. This page is hidden, but you can get a peek at it here.

The SSL has been upgraded and we have a new root certificate. Our site is HEARTBLEED BUG CLEAN.

We have some large premium recycled teak tables coming in early summer. These are impressive, thick, and top-quality. These are going to be expensive, but we expect our prices to be 30% off what you'd find elsewhere. These are those rare tables few stock because sets often run $10k+.

And finally, a nice selection of teak root primitives. This is one of our new categories that will feature some great unique items at a price 30-50% off. As of this writing, we don't have much listed, but within 45 days, the category will start to fill with new products. Definitely something you want to check out.


February 4th, 2014
The spring season will be here shortly. I know many of you can't wait as another snowstorm barrels across the northeast.

Our selection of teak furniture will again be expanded from 2013. In addition, some of our prices have actually dropped in price. From 2008-2013, we maintained the same prices. In 2014, over 20 primary SKUs have been reduced. Now, our shipping costs have not decreased, therefore, there is no reduction in shipping rates. We could have played games and reduced shipping costs and not product costs, but it's not the truth. The product costs are lower and we continue to absorb and subsidize shipping rates.

In the off-season we've been updating the website and adding various features. New in 2014, will be LIVE CHAT. If you have a quick question, we have a quick answer. The icons for live chat only appear when an employee is at the computer terminal. This will start appearing around the start of spring.

We've also upgraded our SSL to provide the highest quality online encryption and reviewed our policy on credit card data storage. To clarify, we purge all credit card data after your product ships. We are not Amazon and do not maintain your card info for future purchases.


July 12th, 2013
Well, we are 10 days past the MID-YEAR point - it was July 2nd, if you were wondering. It's been a rather rainy early summer in our parts. There's not going to be a drought this year!

We had a spectacular spring season and unfortunately ran out of many popular items at the start of July. Since we deal in closeouts, it takes time to hunt additional inventory. The site is missing some key items but inventory in teak tables is still strong. We finally received a new shipment of recycled/reclaimed teak tables starting at 200cm/79".

We are still the leader in teak benches. Our $195 teak bench is an ideal residential bench. It's not the top-of-the-line but it is also not a value bench.

All customer reviews are unmodified and all reviews are posted. The site now has over 400 customer reviews. All product reviews are posted at the bottom of the product page.

START OF SPRING 2013.....a little late.

April 3rd, 2013
Another garden season starts.....

This year we have expanded our teak table selection again to include many unique and one-of-a-kind designs not seen on other websites. We also have several great teak set buys around $1000 and a few smaller sets around $500.

The Sumo teak bench was a big hit last year and we've made every effort to expand the quantity for 2013.

We have a good selection of the Kentucky adirondack chairs and a heavy-duty version of the classic steamer chair. It is not looking good for the lay-flat loungers in 2013 - we again found no inventory that would provide our customers with some value beyond what others offered. We also didn't find many 5-star items - full-machine construction/a-grade. We would rate most of the items starting 2013 as a solid 3.5 star. If you demand the best, there are a few beautiful color catalogs that sell teak garden furniture. We are a no-spin site......but if you want the spin, go to ebay and read the general importers touting triple A-teak quality (whatever that is) and super construction.

Our teak tables and teak benches remain the real value. We do have a few tables that exceed a 50% discount. As of this writing we do have a table on our site for $1350 that sells online by another at $2999. How's that for a discount?

If you have a larger order request and wish to seek a possible shipping freight reduction, click here. If you have trouble with an order, click here.


September 28th, 2012
As we move into the fall and winter season, our shipping times shift from 24-48 hours to 2-4 days. By many measures this is still a fast processing time on larger scale items.
In the off-season, our staff levels are simply lower.

We are also working on a few automated task forms for our customers.
If you have a larger order request and wish to seek a possible shipping freight reduction, click here.
If you have trouble with an order, click here.


June 20th, 2012
We are finally here......summertime. Another season with its unique blend of energy, enthusiasm, and "love". Just so you know, July 2nd is the middle day of the year!!

Actually, this year it is July 3rd due to leap year.

Why does July 4th feel like the middle of summer when, in fact, it is only 2 weeks into 12 weeks of summer? I guess it all relates to "school" and the education break.....

The amount of online reviews are up considerably! Please look and read customer reviews at the bottom of the product pages. We aren't always perfect, but we resolve to make things right.

We really did a good job this spring shipping product within 48 hours. We estimate 90% of orders in spring left within 48 hours. Jimmy John's may be freaky fast - we are just fast. Please note, fall and winter delivery times are adjusted to reflect the slower seasons and orders are not shipped as fast.

We updated our outdoor teak table page. We also added a page detailing the simple efforts needed to maintain teak. We are also working on something very exciting for 2013.

  1. Sumo Benches - more will arrive
  2. Teak Tables in general
  3. Steamer Chairs - more arriving in summer
  4. Backless Benches
  5. Lutyens Benches
Have a safe and memorable summer......


November 3rd, 2011
Teak Closeouts recently purchased a full selection of recycled 'antique' tables ranging from 60" to over 140". The tables are made from a mix of new and old recycled wood. These are impressive!

Actually, the uses for the tables extend far beyond just an outdoor use table. You could use the table as an executive desk, conference table, or even a kitchen table. All the tables come unfinished, but you could have someone locally stain/finish the table.

We were so excited about the tables, we even used one for our new office conference table.
recycled table recyled table close u

  • recycled table
  • recyled table close up

In 2012, we expect to offer the tables as single purchases and also sold in handsome sets. The prices for the tables will start at $630 (36"x36"). The set featured in our office conference room will sell for $1799 with 6 chairs.


June 27th, 2011
Teak Closeouts just acquired over 200 various teak extension tables in oval and rectangle styles. The stock is first quality excess stock in solid a/b-grade.

We'll have the new teak tables in multiple combos at prices about 50% off their standard real retail. If you are in the market for a teak extension table, check back with us in early August. The combos will be with folding chairs or arm chairs. The tables can also be purchased separately. We will feature the teak table combos on the homepage when final pricing is ready.

Teak Closeouts makes every effort to ship orders within 48 hours. Over 50% of our orders leave within 24 hours! The orders taking longer than 48 hours include Lutyen benches and anything requiring a custom pallet due to a larger order. In this case, we typically get these orders shipped within 3-4 days.


February 1st, 2011
At the beginning of March, we will have several containers arriving.
Some of the new stock for 2011 includes:
  1. Various new sizes of teak backless benches in 4 new sizes - a new smaller 60cm/24" size, 90cm/36" size, 120cm/48" size, and a bigger 150cm/60" size.
  2. The super popular Lombok Deep Seating Sofas AND Chairs. Now, you should be able to make complete sets versus our past stock of only chairs or sofas.
  3. And our most popular product............ teak benches. We've worked hard to ship as many benches as possible. In addition, we've maintained our 2009/2010 prices with no price increase.
We are also working on several containers of bankrupt stock we hope to ship by late spring or early summer.

2011 will also see our first national television commercial air on various cable channels across the states.


July 18th, 2010
Starting in July, you'll see a lot of new inventory in the quantities of 1 to 4. Some of the new items are limited to the original quantity and once sold will be removed. In most cases, this inventory is also full machine and made from premium teak.

Besides the few bankrupt companies, we've also increased our network of suppliers in obtaining excess, overruns, mistakes, and discontinued models. All-in-all we expect a big late summer and fall inventory. Many of the designer and one-of-a-kind teak tables are also listed.


May 16th, 2010
New inventory will start appearing monthly as we move into summer. We have new additions in almost all categories. The biggest surprise is the addition of some unique and one-of-kind teak tables.

These tables will be priced from $800-$1200 and will feature some of the largest tables we have ever offered. We also have some smaller, more standard tables arriving too.

New teak tables arriving soon


March 9th, 2010
Wow, what a wallop this year. Of course, we didn't get the snowzilla 'package' in Kentucky, but winter just seemed longer this year.

We just updated our inventory. This will be our current stock for the next 3-4 weeks. Also, if you are local, look for us at the Better Business Bureau’s Central KY’s 35th Annual Home, Garden and Flower Show. We'll be in booth #2111. We'll have some discounted booth displays.


November 11th, 2009
In September, we passed our 1-year anniversary. Obviously, the slow season is here and we are preparing for spring 2010.

Recently, we introduced the new PRODUCT DIMENSION IMAGE. This image visually highlights the dimensions in an easy to understand format that works better than text for each product. There still may be a few products without dimensions, but most products now feature their dimensions.

In addition, we've also tweaked the site from July-September. We've added holiday themes and tried to make the user and purchasing experience easier. Honestly, there really isn't much to report, other than our backoffice work, changes, and improvements.

Hopefully by the start of spring 2010, our product selection will have increased 100% from 2009. We all love Christmas.......but we are eagerly anticipating 2010.


August 2nd, 2009
We are about to ship the new purchase of full machine constructed outdoor furniture in a few days. This was a rare buy and not something commonly available. The total purchase will comprise of 3-4 containers, but we're just shipping one in 2009. Once this stock is sold, the items will not be available again.

We also have a few one-of-kind unique items from the purchase. Included in the purchase is a prototype garden house/bench. This premium item would sell for about $4000 and is made of premium teak.
We are working hard to make sure the 2010 season will be supplied with enough benches to meet demand.

We also starting receiving a few different deep seating sets. Unfortunately, when we buy the teak deep seaters, we rarely receive the cushions. Truthfully, there are pros and cons to this scenario. The obvious pro being you can buy whatever fabric you want.....and we take no profit in the cushion set. The con being the hassle and time involved to do this.
The deep seating chairs can typically accommodate various stock sizes. The sofas typically require a certain size not standard in the store. There are many cushion supplier's on the net with 1000s of fabric choices.

We've been out of stock of Lutyen's for about a month. We finally have a few more arriving on the next 2-3 containers. In addition, we've paired together a free side table with any Lutyen Bench purchase. We also introduced a free coffee table with any Lutyen Set of (3) pieces.

We have a good amount of nice quality coffee tables arriving in August and September. This is an item we were out of stock most of 2009.


July 2nd, 2009
Obviously, the inventory is slim. What is posted is the inventory available for July. We will have some late arriving items in August and possibly September/October.

Some of the new arriving items include some sets or combo packages. This is partly due to the nature of the buy. We're still working out the details, but the new inventory will be a real hodge-podge of samples, prototypes, and regular inventory.
If you are trying to match the NS and OS styles, we've been told the NS is discontinued. Therefore, don't expect to match NS styles to new stock arriving.

We still have a few arm chairs left. These are perfect for a table set, (2) chairs and a side table, or a bench and (2) arm chairs.

We are working to add inventory. It's just that we've not run across a lot of this stock.


March 3rd, 2009
Although a few of us our getting hit by a late winter storm, spring is almost here......and that dreaded cold weather will be gone. I think we can all use a shot of sunshine about now.
The economy isn't getting much better and the stimulus doesn't look much like a stimulus - but more like an investment package in America (with a long-term bill). The reality that the hens have come home to roost is here.

In our biased opinion, there isn't a better time to launch Teak Closeouts. We're still a little slow to implement our up-coming changes, but we expect the majority to be ready by April.
Our 2009 inventory will be a little slim.....the next few containers will be arriving in mid-May. The inventory listed is the available inventory until this time.

Starting in April, we will introduce package deals for teak tables and chairs - folding or arm. If any customer is interested in this before this time, please email and we will discuss the options.

If you are even thinking about a teak bench, heed our warning. The bench inventory can disappear faster than any item we carry. In spring, it is not uncommon to sell 20-30 benches on our busiest day of Saturday (store sales).

Due to the $45 Oversize Charge by FEDEX, we must add an additional $10 to the price of the 60" benches. We know it sucks, but they are an oligopoly. If you want to order >4 60" benches, then email for a freight rate. Depending on your location, you may qualify for a shipping reduction.

We do our best to ship your order within 24-48 hours of placing your order. This excludes Sunday order


January 9th, 2009
Our $99 teak table winter shipping price will expire on February 28th. On March 1st, the regular shipping price of $139 will apply.

Also, by March 1st, we'll have most of the product item dimensions updated.


November 13, 2008
The fixed shipping calculations are now active.

We are running a special on the teak tables and shipping them at $99 versus the normal $139. Of course, this time of year isn't exactly the time for outdoor dining, but the special remains for the winter months (or until we get burned on many CA deliveries).

With the economy teetering on the edge, now is the time to really watch your budget. I know the premium teak manufactures have a nice product, but is it really logical to sink $500-$700 in a bench? Why have we sold over 1000 benches in Kentucky alone? Why have most major KY universities and horse parks purchased our benches and arm chairs? Simply because our bench prices are the lowest in the country on a real teak bench.

Listen, we don't want you to buy right need to check around and compare prices. After you have confirmed we have the best prices on the net (or your local city), then come on back.

One last note!!! A few of the benches have new version styles....and we must update the small variation changes. If you order a bench/arm chair with the changes, we'll email the correct picture. In some cases, we have both the new and old version in-stock.


November 8, 2008
We are a little slow making the fixed shipping changes and corrections to our quirks/inventory. The purpose in the late 2008 launch was simply to fix everything in time for spring 2009.

We do expect fixed shipping to be up and running by November 13th.

Again, we appreciate the feedback as we work towards taking our teak savings ONLINE. The economy is in the tank and we're ready to save you money - ON GOOD QUALITY teak at a REASONABLE PRICE.


August 13, 2008
Welcome to our new site.

Please take a few moments and view the in-stock items for 2008. If you don’t see something of interest this year, please bookmark the site for 2009. Next year, we will have a greater selection and the ability to order in smaller quantities.

This site isn't 100% functional yet, but we wanted to launch in August for the fall season. We are still uploading photos and changing text, but the inventory and cart work fine.

Please review the 2008 Pallet Sales Information related to shipping. We know this is an inconvenience for 2008, but we cannot ship the product via GROUND SERVICES due to the lack of packaging. All the product listed was originally intended for Store Sales only - and thus has limited protection for GROUND service shipping.

Teak Closeouts is not a site founded on an idea of saving you money, but yet in reality offers you only a 10-15% discount on overstock or excess inventory. There seems to be a few popular sites out there today that promise big savings, but fizzle on the discount.

If we can’t save you 25-60%, then we don’t buy it. Some of our product will be discounted more than others, but this is the nature of closeouts. Naturally, each 'buy' is unique and each product was purchased from the manufacture at 'some' discounted price. Sometimes, we buy the product at better prices than others.

Anyway, take a look around. The listed product is in-stock and ready-to-go.

New Improvements in the works for 2009
Individual Item Sales – not just pallet sales only
Additional pictures of each product
Dimensions of each product – seat height, depth, etc
Improved website format – cleaner, more professional, and more informative
Greater Selection – simply more product selection
Greater quantity of each product
No missing pictures – pictures of all products
Activate the star rating system for each individual product
Improved/Better picture quality – still gonzo pictures, but better quality