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All our items come from various teak manufactures across Indonesia. Our company consists of about 30 employees who search, clean, prepare and market all the teak we buy.

Although we have a small manufacturing department, we do not produce the teak. After spending nearly 8 years in Indonesia, we have an extensive collection of factories, craftsmen, friends, and an array of sources that call us when they want to offer excess product.

Each manufacture will have slight differences in construction some a bit higher and lower than others. We do take the time to evaluate our purchases before boxing ready for your delivery to you.

After we have confirmed the product is complete, we box and package the item for its ultimate journey to you.

In some of the rarer cases, the product arrives to us already boxed. In this case, we still take the time to open each box and confirm parts. This helps us assure that 98-99 out of 100 boxes are complete. 100% just isnt possible. We attempt to do our best, but mistakes are a fact of life.


As closeouts can be varied, we take every precaution to assure the product you purchase is complete and accurate. If we have a problem, we will make every effort to find a reasonable solution to the problem.

Teak Closeouts prides itself on offering real deals on quality teak in the mid-range construction quality. Some of our closeouts will rival the quality of the American-made teak catalog companies. Most of the ebay teak importers are selling the low to mid-level construction quality. But, if you listen to them, you might think GOD constructed it. This is a no BS site.

If the item we are selling is NOT TEAK, we will clearly identify the wood species. Yet, 99% of the items on this site are genuine teak. If in doubt, simple look for the genuine teak logo on the product page as this will confirm the genuine teak species (teak logo not added yet to the products). Currently, this site has 100% genuine teak items.

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