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When discussing quality teak, I would rather discuss the construction quality before grade quality. In the end, the longevity of your teak product will basically boil-down to its construction.

Again, the American-made teak companies typically produce perfectly machined components that result in superior construction. In addition to their full-machine construction, they also combine a top-grade quality teak (a to b+).

The teak coming from Indonesia ranges from the top-of-the-line quality (rare) to a rather low-quality fully assembled type. In the lower quality, they will hack away at a tenon, jamb it in a big hole, and glue the crap out of it.

Most of the suppliers we deal with have a good middle quality construction. Sometimes, the tenon is a metal peg and then reinforced with a screw. This is a good general middle-of-line quality constructed item. Sometimes, the item is full machine-cut mortise and tenon.

I know most people expect to visit a website and read glowing stories of quality and craftsmanship…..but I simply believe in telling it like it is.

We all have a budgeted disposable income.

I guess to further illustrate my point, I will use another car analogy.

I think it is reasonable to assume that most people would love to own a Ferrari, Bentley, Masterati, or an Aston Martin. Yet, the reality is these cars are out of the typical price range of most Americans. Each one of these cars are hand-constructed masterpieces and sometimes referred to as ultra-luxury automobiles.

Nevertheless, for the majority of us, we can only aspire to the luxury automobile market, such as, BMW, Mercedes, Audi, Lexus, or Jaguar – to name a few.

These are great automobiles that the average upper-income American can own.

Again, both segments of the market move us around town in style and luxury. The ultra-luxury just does it with a little head-snapping.

I am afraid we don’t sell ultra-luxury teak items. It’s not our market. We strictly leave that to the American producers. Even when we are offered the very high-quality teak items, we are hesitant to purchase the items. We know the price points that consumers like to pay and even 50% off on a $1000 bench is expensive.

However, we do serve the luxury marketplace with quality teak items that the majority of Americans can afford. All our closeouts are good quality items that the majority of Americans will find reasonable.

Typically, you won’t find any $1000 benches on our site or $500 arm chairs. Yet, you will find quality teak items that save you 40-60% off their original price.


Moisture Content (MC)

Unlike the indoor furniture shipping from Indonesia, most outdoor teak furniture doesn’t suffer from a great deal of cracking. This is simply a math and science issue. The MC in Indonesia ranges from 12-20% depending on the month.

Moisture Content is the amount of water in the wood. The MC is derived from humidity and temperature.

Whether the outdoor products have been kilned or air-dried, the outdoor MC in Indonesia is rather consistent with the final destination in the USA (for outside use). If the wood is properly air-dried to 15%, then construction issues are rare.

The truth is a lot of teak outdoor furniture is not really kilned. I know what you are reading on ebay or from other importers, but I am here to tell you the truth.

The product you receive from us will have an MC from 10-20%. We have (5) moisture meters and always check our ‘buys’.

Construction Quality Rating

We also rate each teak item with a Construction Quality Rating. Click the link to learn more about the rating.