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November 2020 UPDATE
All shipping prices are displayed on the product page. Due to the increases in shipping rates, surcharges, fees, new fees, and more new fees, our rates have changed to reflect closer to the actual cost. Please understand the rate you see displayed is still a subsidized rate. If you believe the shipping rate is abnormally high, please feel free to write your Congressional members and discuss the oligopoly by Fedex/UPS.

There are some items that 'must' ship freight due to their size, but we do have a lot of items that will fit within the girth guidelines for GROUND.

Tables, fully assembled pieces, and larger items over 165" in girth must still ship via freight. This is standard with any shipping company.

DIMENSIONAL WEIGHT (very important concept in shipping)
When calculating GROUND shipping, most items ship at their DIMENSIONAL WEIGHT. For the few of you that don't know about this concept, it is a shipping term for weight based on the size of the package. Shipping companies use whatever figure is higher - actual weight or dimensional weight.

Most of the teak items when boxed are actually 60-90% of the dimensional weight. This means the actual weight is only 60-90% of the dimensional weight. Consequently, UPS/FEDEX want the higher of the two....actual or dimensional (box size) weight. So, although an arm chair might weigh 45lbs, it will ship at the higher 65lb dimensional weight. This is one of the disadvantages of GROUND shipping.

In 2011, UPS/Fedex quietly hid an increase in dimensional weight by decreasing the calculation from 194 to 166. This has had a huge impact on our ground shipping rates. By decreasing this number, Fedex/UPS effectively moved more of their shipping packages from actual weight to dimensional weight. This trick was an egregious attempt at raising revenue without much press. In our effort to always provide value to our customers, we have not raised shipping rates for 2011 - and have absorbed this cost increase into profits. In 2017 or 18, this dim weight dimensional number dropped to 137. If you keep dividing the box size by a lower number, it increases the dimensional weight of the item.

In 2020, you have dimensional weights, fees for boxes over 50lbs, fees for boxes over 130 girth, fees for boxes with one side over 30", extra fees for residential deliveries outside the urban area, and fees for holidays. It's really a mind-blowing adventure when dealing with ground parcel shipping now.

This is not an issue with freight shipping.

Issues with Fixed Shipping - and how to obtain a lower rate with freight
Anyone with a large order may still obtain discounted freight shipping cost versus a basic fixed cost by submiting this form (or calling for immediate help). The cart is going to calculate your order based on the easy fixed shipping rates. If you feel this rate is too high due to a large order, it likely is. You need to let us manually review the rate based on your location. In all fairness, we already review large orders at processing for reasonable freight rates - and do issue refunds if your location/rate is high.

We reserve the right to use whatever method is cheaper - freight or ground....yet, you will only be charged the fixed shipping amount in your cart.

FREIGHT DELIVERIES (large semi trucks)
Large items, fully assembled, or larger orders must ship freight. If you are ordering more than 8+ pieces, then let us provide a freight shipping calculation versus our basic fixed shipping rate.

Currently, items that must ship via freight include:
  • Dining Tables
  • Long Boxes - Benches
  • Anything Too Fragile or Heavy
  • Anything Fully Assembled
  • Any Set Combos

Freight shipments require the customer to be present at delivery. The delivery company cannot deliver your shipment without an adult present for delivery. You will be required to sign a BILL OF LADING that acknowledges delivery in good and satisfactory condition. You must examine your delivery package(s) at the point of delivery. When you sign the Bill of Lading or authorize a delivery without signature, you have absolved Teak Closeouts from any damage. If you have a friend sign, then you are placing your purchase in their hands. When you sign the Bill of Lading, any damage that point forward is your responsibility and your claim with Fedex.

Our rates are basic freight delivery - no accessorial charges will be accepted. If you have special delivery requirements or a request, then please contact customer service prior to ordering. Liftgate charges are not included in delivery (and can be requested for an additional $59). Basic delivery is standard CURB DELIVERY. The driver is only required to bring the item to the back of the freight truck. You will be responsible to remove/lift the items, boxes, bench off the back of the truck. Sometimes, drivers may assist above and beyond their job requirements but this should not be expected. You may purchase additional services from the freight company and they will bill you directly.

2008 to mid 2020 - NO SHIPPING INCREASES IN 12 YEARS
Since the beginning of Teak Closeouts, we have never raised our shipping prices charged for basic delivery. Over the last 10 years, Fedex has continually raised rates 5-6% per year and also switched Ground rates to dimensional pricing (charged by box size). It is very likely the prices charged for the same 48" bench in 2008 is double in 2018 - up 100%. Each year, we absorb more loss in our company profits to eat shipping charges. There will be a point in the future where this will not continue, but for the current year our prices are no different than 2008. If you think our shipping charges are too much, you clearly have not shipped a package via Fedex/UPS in some time!


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