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Hotel/Golf Course/Mall/Shopping Center/Country Club
If you are looking for a reasonable amount of stock to supply a hotel, college, museum, park, or just a large project, then send us an email. We will be more than happy to discuss current inventory in the Indonesian warehouse or buys on the horizon. In most cases, we can probably assist in some way.

Large Project Discounts start at $10,000 no exceptions.

Interior Design Companies, Architects, etc
We do offer a small discount to the design trade. This is not a wholesale price discount or a quantity discount, but merely a professional discount for repeat buyers in various quantities throughout the year. Your business license and federal tax ID must be faxed to (859) 381-1947 and approval will take 7-10 days. During this approval period, inventory cannot be held. We have a strict policy on accepting trade discounts.

Looking for a Wholesale Supply Network?
If you are looking for a consistent wholesale network, we are not your source. There are many factories in and around Indonesia that can supply you with teak in the 2 to 4 star range. Our inventory is inconsistent, random, and not your normal supply chain.