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General Sales & Warehouse

We are simply looking for good-quality & sharp individuals

Job Description
General sales, helping customers, loading customers, unloading trucks. This is not a sales job tied to your income or performance. We simply want friendly and smiling faces that generally like to interact with other people.

We occasionally unload trucks and this can require lifting and strenuous work. This is 3-4 days a month.

This is an easy job, but if sitting on your ass is your cup of tea, you can do that in your dorm. The best employees from the past 17 years have been motivated, eager, and outgoing individuals.

Job Times:
The times are not set in stone, but we are looking for either morning or afternoon employees - or full day employees.

9am to 1pm
1pm to 5pm

Every other Saturday - or two Saturdays a month
9am to 4pm

15-30 hours per week. We are not looking for full-time employees

Job Pay:
$8 an hour
$8+ for more flexible schedules and past job experience

Store Location
Salvage Building Materials
573 Angliana Ave
Lexington, KY 40508

Please drop application off at the store Monday-Friday any time 1pm-5pm or Saturday noon-4pm. It is preferable you put the application in the hands of Ryan, but if he is not there then just drop it.
Below is the application in pdf form. Do not come to Salvage without this filled out. We are taking applications and will not hire on the spot.

I will also be honest. We are rather picky. If you are having trouble getting a job somewhere else, I doubt we will hire you. We've always had a great group of guys (used as a non-gender based term) and a solid place to work while in college, etc.

Teak Closeouts Employment Application 2019
Application for download