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In early spring 2009, we placed a new set of deep seating chairs out on the backyard patio. This is the same patio that also features the hexagon table in the teak durability section.


Fast forward 3 years and we have the set looking a little more weathered than the new teak pictures above. The teak has taken a darker silver/grey look. To this point, the chairs, side table, and footstool have never been cleaned in 3 years, nor have they been inside or covered.

Ugly? Ready for a new set of teak because this is shot?

Here we have a new bottle of Simply Green. For this example, we are not going to dilute the solution. We will simply spray it on full-strength and use the 3m kitchen cleaning pad (green side) to scrub the teak.

We soak the teak thoroughly and let it sit a few minutes. In this example, we are just cleaning the top sections and not the item in its entirety.

Below is the result of roughly 3-5 minutes of scrubbing the chair rails, side tabletop, and topside of the footstool. Notice the dark grey is gone. And in most cases, the silver is almost removed as well. Please note, this is not the result of sandpaper or much effort. So let's be clear - this is one cleaning in three years. And one application and scrub. This is no power washer (unless you have cannons for arms).

If we wanted to remove the silver completely, we could continue scrubbing or possible aid the effort with sandpaper. In our past table example, we really didn't see much difference in the sandpaper quarter versus the 3m/Simply Green quarter. Actually, the 3m/Simply Green quarter cleaned inside the grain better where the sandpaper quarter still had dark lines in the grain.

The bigger picture here is not the fact you "cleaned" your teak item. It is the fact after 3 years, the wood and grain is virtually the same as the day you purchased it.

This is the amazing properties of teak.

Take a good look at the photos below.....you can click the images and it will load a high-resolution pop-up. Look at the teak carefully!! It's impressive...

Note: If this example was an OAK chair or other various non-teak woods, the grey you see is the grey you keep. In addition, the grain and wood will start to rot quicker to its eventual destruction. Remember, the con-artist special - "teak-oiled" does not mean teak wood. Check the species carefully.

Hey, and teak is wood too.....it's going to eventually succumb to the weather itself - but not today....


If you have some hardwood outdoor furniture, go clean it. See what results you yield....

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