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Since every teak manufacture has different methods of construction and quality, we have tried to present the various items on the site with a rating from 1 to 5.

Unlike some other rating websites, we do not rate the grade of wood in our analysis. We simple determine the overall construction, hardware, bolts, and ease of assembly. Yet, as noted in the 4-5 star rating, the grade plays a bit more importance here.

If the wood is a/b grade, b grade, or c grade, we simple note it on the product page. It is our opinion all grades are considered reasonable. ….and all our products sold to be at least good quality construction. We don’t typically purchase the low and high grade teak items.

The quality we look to purchase is from 3 to 4 star… this is a well constructed teak item at a reasonable price. From our 8 years of selling teak in our store, the luxury car drivers are fine with 3-star. Obviously, most of our teak customers are luxury car drivers. If we buy a 2-star item, it will most often be sold only in the store and not available on the website.

If we don’t mention the grade of teak, it probably means it is a b- batch of wood. This is a lighter tone b-grade teak that really doesn’t look like c-grade and doesn’t exactly look b-grade. Therefore, we might have left the grading alone.

The grading of the wood and construction quality is subjective. We do our best to be as straightforward as possible. And although we have many years of experience in construction, an opinion is just that.

Any item you purchase from is fully refundable


This teak item rating is typically reserved for the top-grade, full machine quality. The grade of teak used in a 5-star garden item is most always a-grade, ships knockdown or flat pack, and is sold in catalogs. There is no reason to really discuss construction because it will be flawless. This teak item will always sell for a premium and seem rather unreasonably priced. This item will always be branded.


In most cases, the difference in a 4 and 5 star teak garden item is more about grade than construction or teak proportion sizes (amount of wood in the product). This item might be full machine or semi-machined. Semi-machined simply means the construction was a combination of handcrafted cuts and machine precision. This item is typically branded.


This is simply a well constructed teak item that will last many years. Typically, the 3-star rating will either be semi-machined or full handmade. The construction might be held together with screws and metal pins or have some form of mortise-tendon construction. This is a good price-point where quality and price meet for the majority of our teak buyers. Most often this item is branded.


This rating is typically reserved for the Jepara teak items (standard importer quality). It will always be handmade and in many cases the proportions are smaller. This is the item that you find being sold by most importers. The design and style will be very similar to others. This is always an indication the item is standard-grade. Some inconsistencies may be evident in the construction. Often, this grade is not branded or carries a store/importer/generic name.


The 1-star teak item is almost always shipped fully-assembled. The joints are hacked and glue is primarily holding the hand-cut joint together. This may look ok, but long-term durability should be questioned. In a way, it is a shame to see such a premium wood used in such a low-grade construction method. On a positive note, as teak has continued to climb in price, this low rating is not common.


This rating will share some qualities of the higher and lower rating.