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2.54cm = 1 inch

To speed the process along at the factory and help eliminate mistakes, we are measuring in the native metric system. In some cases, we provide the Imperial conversion for the item. In many cases, you are required to convert the centimeters (cm) to inches. Below are a few fast conversions. It is about time the United States switches to the metric system like the rest of the world.

2.54cm = 1 inch
30cm = 12 inches
45cm = 17.75 inches
60cm = 24 inches
100cm = 39.5 inches
120cm = 47.25 inches
150cm = 59 inches
180cm = 71 inches
200cm = 78.75 inches
220cm = 86.75 inches
240cm = 94.5 inches
300cm = 118.25 inches
1 meter = 100cm = 39.5 inches

If you have a cm conversion, simply divide by 2.54 and this will be your inches If you want to know the TRUE and ACCURATE measurement, convert the centimeters to inches using 2.54cm. The Imperial conversion can be rounded up or down. All dimensions on the site may vary by 1-2cm. Many of the items are handmade or semi-machine.

Very few items are all machine. In some cases, dimensions may be slightly subjective to the person doing the measurement. In some cases, we will make a mistake and be off slightly. In some cases, for the product page, we have rounded the item to the nearest foot. This can be seen in the 48" and 60" benches. In the end, if you are really tight on a dimension, don't order from us.

We do our best to provide accurate and reliable dimensions, but dimensions may vary slightly - as this is closeout product and sometimes product changes slip through unnoticed.